Jai Jawaan! Indian Military College Goes Eco-friendly, Installs Solar Lights

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a public school for boys situated in Doon Valley, Dehradun in India. This college is a feeder institution for the National Defence Academy, Indian Naval Academy and subsequently the Indian Armed Forces. All the students graduating from this college enter the three famous military academies of India.


The RIMC had about 20 street lights installed around its premises that previously ran on grid supply. But the college decided it was time for them to go solar. And so the Military Engineering Services was asked to carry out this project. The MES then contacted Su-Kam’s authorized distributor, Mr. Nishant from S&S Energy Systems to install a solar powered system in the college that could run all the 20 street lights.

Dehradun district of Uttarakhand receives approximately 10 hours and 14 minutes of day light every day in this month of December. And investing in solar power in this area would therefore, definitely be a success.


And so Mr. Nishant decided to install Su-Kam’s solar power conditioning unit in that college. A solar power conditioning unit is different from a regular inverter in the way that it has an inbuilt solar charge controller.

Here are the technical specifications:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 3.5KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels – 250W/24V (14 panels)
  3. Batteries – 8 in number


Units Generated and Load Running

This solar system is expected to generate approximately 17 to 18 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success.

The solar system runs 20 street lights installed around the premises of the military school. The 96V solar PCU charged 8 batteries of 150AH 12V each.


After the installation, we had a candid conversation with Mr. Nishant, who says, ‘We had got this project request from the Military Engineering Services. It was decided that about 20 street lights should be installed there and they requested for Su-Kam’s Solar PCU to run the entire array of street lights in that area.’


We are glad to come of assistance to the best Indian Military College of the country. Su-Kam strives to be of assistance in every way that the country requires.

We wish the Rashtriya Indian Military College all the best for its future with solar power and Su-Kam.


To understand how a solar PCU works and how to install one, please watch these videos:

If you want to understand how a mobile controlled street light works, watch this interesting video:

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