Janamashtmi Special: 6 Beautiful Pics of Temples Going Solar

Happy Janamashtmi! As we celebrate the birth of great Lord Krishna, let’s pledge to live up to his divine teachings. Lord Krishna always cared deeply for every living organism and asked his followers to respect nature. However, it is sad to see nature being destroyed to generate energy from fossil fuels. On the brighter side, many of us have realized the importance of renewable energy and are going solar including Temples.

On the occasion of Janmashtmi, team Su-Kam has put together this blog to show how divine houses of God are helping the environment by going solar.

6 Temples in India and Abroad That Went Solar

1. ISKCON’s Gokul Manor in the UK Runs on Solar Power

Solar ISKCON Temple
ISKCON has established a lovely ‘Gokul’ in Watford, UK. The cow and hay barns at the farm are powered by 50 kw system which produces about 50,000 kw of electricity a year.

2. Lord Venkateshwara in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh Uses Solar For Cooking

Tirumala Temple Runs on Solar

Being one of the famous temples in South India, it attracts more than 20 lacs pilgrims every month. Its huge kitchen complex prepares almost 30,000 kilos of rice and other vegetables every single day. To make the process eco-friendly, temple has installed solar dishes that automatically move with the angle of the sun, capturing the strong sunlight. The energy  is used to convert water into high pressure steam, which cooks the food in the kitchen below.

3.  16kwp Solar Power System in Shri Swaminrayan Mandir in Cardiff, United Kingdom

Cardiff Temple Runs on Solar

Solar panels not only add more beauty of this temple but also generate 14,600kWh of green energy every year. After the temple went solar in 2011, 17 of its devotees got so inspired that they also solarized their houses.

4.  Solar Power Plants at Brahmkumari Temples

Bhramkumari Temples Installing Solar Panels
It seems like Brahmkumaris have taken many steps to use renewable sources of energy in their campuses all over the world. Bhramkumari solarized their campuses in 2000 by installing 50kwp system. They have installed 5kw solar power system in nearly 60 across India and 300 centres have 1kw system.

5. Ancient Hindu Temple in Malaysia Gets Electricity For the First Time After Installing Solar

solar temple malaysia

100-year-old Hindu temple in Ladang Sungai Salak in Siliau can light up for its devotees every day irrespective of the weather – thanks to off-grid solar power system.

6. Off-grid Solar Power Plant at Ujjain Temple

ISKCON Temple in Ujjain Now Runs on Solar
This temple in ujjain was facing frequent powercuts so it decided to go solar. The solar power system runs the entire load of this temple including AC and music systems. The devotees are super happy now because nothing interferes with their worship.

Why All Temples Should Go Solar:

Temples run on love and donation given by the devotees. Most of the temples have basic electrical loads such as fans, lights and music system – this can be easily powered by a 1kw or 2kw off-grid solar power system which costs around 2 lacs or so. This amount can be easily collected by requesting devotees to donate. Going solar also saves running costs of the temple as the electricity bills gets reduced. Temples can also enjoy freedom from powercuts as the solar system can supply 24×7 power.

Let’s do some good karma, let’s contribute towards making our temples run on solar. To know more about Su-Kam’s solar power systems call 1800-102-7555 and speak to our solar advisers.



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