Know How Solar Power Works- Part 1

In the era of growing energy needs and rising concerns about the environment, Solar Energy, the abundant and non-conventional energy source, offers the best alternative solution. The fear of depending entirely on the ever-depleting fossil fuels has forced the world community to develop new sources of energy. Fortunately, nature has given us many forms of alternative and renewable sources of energy. The abundant and ‘locally’ available light from the Sun is one of them. The sunlight can be utilized either as Photovoltaic Energy or Heat (Thermal) Energy through special devices, developed and manufactured by sophisticated and high technology processes.

SPV System: under the Photovoltaic process, sunlight is converted into electrical energy through Solar Photovoltaic (SVP) modules. Photo=Light and voltaic= Electricity. The element used in the process is silicon, available in abundance on the earth crust. A solar cell is made of silicon. Computer chips are made of the same material. A number of solar cells, connected in series and parallel, form a Solar PV Module (or Panel). A number of modules are mounted on a metal structure and connected in series and/or parallel to arrive at the required system capacity (sizing). Two or more modules/ panels installed together are called Solar PV Array.




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