Kunwer Sachdeva: Su-Kam is my real family and here’s what I wish for them in 2016

“The real family of Kunwer Sachdeva is Su-Kam”, says none other that the founder and MD of Su-Kam Power System, Kunwer Sachdeva. Here’s what Kunwer would like to say to all his family members:

Dear Su-Kamians,

Happy New Year!

Su-Kam is not only a company but a large family. Everyone who works here is the member of our family. Like every family, Su-Kam family also goes through ups and downs every year. Past year, 2015, was an interesting year at Su-Kam. Often times we forget all the good things that happened in our lives so let’s revisit all the positive things that happened at Su-Kam. I would like to highlight our key achievements:

Su-Kam Solarized more than 50,000 homes and businesses in 70 countries worldwide.


2015 was a good year for solar in India. Many initiatives by Modi Government helped increase demand of solar products in India. We also sold many solar products in Africa, Middle-east and Asia-Pacific. The number solar channel partners also grew by 15% worldwide.

Su-Kam Launched India’s First Smart Inverter

Best Inverter UPS for Home and Business Falcon Plus

After years of Research and Development, we released India’s first smart UPS for home, Falcon plus. For the first time ever, a home inverter has ATC technology due to which it can intelligently sense outside temperature and regulate battery charging voltage. It is also the world’s first home inverter to have 6 stage charging. This indeed makes it India’s first smart inverter for home.

Su-Kam Got 4 Star Rating by BEE

4 star rating su-kam

Su-Kam became the first inverter company to get 4 star rating for making energy efficient products. One of our products, Falcon HBU, has an efficiency of more than 90%!

Su-Kam Created World’s 1st Touch Screen Solar PCU

Touchscreen solar inverter Sukam Brainy

In 2015, we became the first Indian company to create a touch-screen solar inverter. This product was shown at various prestigious exhibitions worldwide and received a great response. Everyone was amazed to see the technology.

Su-Kam Featured in Discovery Channel’s Documentary on Solar

Solar Documentary by Discovery

Our solar projects have changed the lives of millions of fellow Indians who never had access to electricity. Solar is bringing development and smiles in the remotest villages of India. Discovery Channel got so impressed by Su-Kam’s projects that it decided to make a documentary that features our projects. The documentary has already been watched by lacs of people.

Su-Kam Voted as India’s ‘Most Trusted Brand’

Certificate Most Trusted Inverter Battery Brand in India-May-2015

Based on large-scale public voting in India, Su-Kam was crowned with the title of ‘Most Trusted Brand’ in inverter category. We are grateful to our customers for showing so much love and support.

Su-Kam Helped Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Victims Installing Solar Lights by Su-kam

When Nepal’s biggest earthquake disrupted the peaceful lives of lacs of Nepalese, Su-Kam stood by their side. Our team went to the remotest corners of Nepal which were badly affected by earthquake to offer food, clothes and solar home lighting systems

There are many other achievements. I would need many pages to write them all, but I think I have listed the key ones here.

Kunwer Sachdeva’s Message for His Family:

When you face problems in your life, you should neither run away from them nor spend too much time complaining. You should look at them as challenges and come up with ways to meet your challenges. Instead of thinking about problems, you should direct your energy on finding solutions. Problem-solving is one of the key skills of any successful person.

I wish that the universe provides you with strength and wisdom to face your challenges in 2016.

Happy New Year!



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