Laxmikant says his journey at Su-Kam has been full of learning & developments


My journey with Su-kam started on 23rd January, 2009. The chain of events that led to my learning & development has been continuous and I have realized that I joined an organization that offers ample opportunities to learn & grow. I have been fortunate enough to work with very supportive peers and a continuously growing organization.

The opportunities and responsibilities that this company has given me in the form of overseas and indigenous projects have molded me into a completely different professional.

 In this tenure, I have learnt & experienced that the growth of the organization is shared fairly with each & every employee.

Through the 12 in 12 targets, I have learnt how we can work towards a common goal as a complete organization rather then an individual department or manufacturing facility.

Above all, Su-Kam gives open space for all to grow through new innovations and improvements. For a generation of ours, Mr. Kunwer Sachdev has been an apparent example to learn & realize that success comes to those who are innovative and energetic.



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