Lights, Fans, Printers, Computers and Machines in A Laboratory in Aurangabad Run on Solar Power

Here is a story about a man living in Maharashtra, who owns a Pathology lab in Aurangabad. He opted to go solar and run his entire lab on solar power. Read more to know what inspired him to go solar:

Why Was Solar Power His First Option?

Mr. Nilesh Bhagadh, lives in Aurangabad district in the state of Maharashtra. Nilesh owns a pathology lab in which he had installed Su-kam’s inverter battery system since the area where this lab is located experienced heavy power cuts. Su-Kam’s most trustworthy and infamous Trusty inverter was installed in Nilesh’s laboratory that has been designed to run heavy duty appliances especially suited for areas with chronic power shortage. For 5 long years, this inverter ran Nilesh’s entire laboratory.


During this time Nilesh entered Mr. Akil Shaikh’s shop to enquire for some electronic equipment for his lab. That was when Akil suggested Nilesh to opt for solar power to be installed in his laboratory. He explained to him how opting for solar power can help him reduce his electricity bills.

It was then that Nilesh decided to install a solar power system in his laboratory.

Aurangabad receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 10 hours and 58 minutes of day light, a solar installation would be perfect for this area. The sun rises at 06:53 AM and sets at 17:51 PM in Auragabad in this month of December. And so after a detailed site inspection Akil decided to install the following solar system in Nilesh’s lab:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1600
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 1000W (250W – 4 panels)
  3. Su-Kam’s Batteries – 150AH (2 in number)


What All Does Brainy Eco Run in This Lab?

The system generates approximately 5 to 7 units of electricity everyday depending upon the weather conditions and is designed to run the load of the lab that includes 5 Tubelights, 2 Fans, 1 Printer, 1 PC and 1 Grinder Machine.

The installation was a success and Mr. Nilesh Bhagadh is pleased with the working of Brainy Eco.

He says and we quote, ‘I have been a Su-Kam customer for 5 long years. I had installed Su-Kam’s 1.5KVA Trusty inverter in my laboratory since there were power cuts in this area. Su-Kam’s Trusty worked perfectly well for 5 long years until Mr. Akil suggested to install a solar system. I have complete faith in Su-Kam and I am looking forward to an exciting future with solar power.’


After the installation, Akil reported back to us with a great feedback from the customer.

He says, ‘I had suggested Brainy Eco 1600 to be installed in his lab since Brainy Eco is the best solar inverter available in the market. I have been a Su-Kam dealer for 10 years now. I have seen Su-Kam develop over the years setting the inverter technology in the market. Brainy Eco is a solar revolution and I advise all of my customers to opt for it.’

We wish Nilesh all the best and hope to see more of such kind hearted customers.

To understand how an off grid solar system works, please watch this video:

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For further details, please contact –

Mr. Akil Shaikh (Textile Battery) – 9422409440

Contact the customer on the following address –

Mr. Nilesh Bhagadh – 08208791533

Sarasa Market

Sillord, District – Aurangabad




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