Middle East is Going Solar with Su-Kam: Su-Kam at Solar Middle East in Dubai

Dubai, the business hub of UAE hosts one of the most comprehensive gatherings of solar technology providers. The Solar Middle East takes place every year in Dubai, and is the most sought after trade event for the solar industry in MENA region.

This year the event took place from 14th to 16th February at Dubai World Trade Center, UAE. Needless to say, the exhibition was a grand success. It saw more than 140 exhibitors from 85 plus different countries.

Also there were more than 4000 unique visitors apart from top project decision makers, thought leaders and government policy makers from across the Middle East and North Africa.

Su-Kam showcases its state-of-the-art solar technology

Su-Kam one of India’s leading players in the power back-up industry made its presence felt at the prestigious event with its cutting edge solar technology.

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Middle East: an important export market for Su-Kam

Su-Kam started business in the Middle East region way back in 2004. Ever since then Su-Kam has established a strong foothold in the markets of countries like UAE, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Qatar among others. Su-Kam also has a branch office in Dubai.

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Main Attractions at Su-Kam’s stall

The company showcased a wide portfolio of solar products suitable for the residential home systems.

Solar PCU – World’s first touch screen solar hybrid MPPT PCU

DC System (Fan+ Led Light+ Remote) – an innovative and environment friendly home lighting solar solution that has approximately 30% less energy losses than its AC counterparts;

Electroscopy – a unique Comparison Tool Kit (CTK) that measures the efficiency of different electrical appliances

Brainy Eco– Brainy Eco is a Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Home UPS. It has solar priority, intelligent charging sharing, ATC, Powerful battery charging at 90V, and variable battery charging through mains

Solarcon (16A/12V) – a hybrid solar charge controller which can be connected to any existing UPS or Inverter to convert it into a solar-powered system;

Falcon+ (1100VA) – A smart Home UPS with 4th generation microprocessor. It is the first Home UPS with features like Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), which senses the ambient temperature near the battery and accordingly adjusts charging of batteries, Variable charging option and powerful charging even during low voltage in one inverter.

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Su-Kam’s stall saw hundreds of visitors. All of the products received solid trade inquiries from very serious people.

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