M/S Aakash Power Tech crossed 2 Crore in a year with Su-Kam


Although my association with Su-Kam has not been for a very long time; still I have reaped immense benefits by working in association with them. At the beginning I had no idea that this will be one of the best decisions of my life.
One of the biggest examples is that I have been working in this industry for the past 14 years but never was I able to cross a target of 2 Crores but during this short association itself, I crossed the 2 Crore target last year. I am delighted by this achievement of mine. The reward that came from this was not just the feeling of victory but I was also rewarded with a Car and it was presented to me by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, on achieving the target given to me.
Team Su-Kam’s  immense support at all times is another major support for my business.



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