Must Read Story of a Solar-Powered House in Kerala. They Used Solar Power to ‘Construct’ the House

Here is a story about a man and his brother living in a joint family in Kerala who recently decided to go solar in their newly constructed home. Their house now runs on Su-Kam’s 5KVA Solar PCU and they can’t be happier. Here is what they told us about this happy installation:

Why They Chose Only Solar?

Mr. Sherief and his brother, two industrialists decided to reconstruct their new home located in Manacaud Trivandrum club, Trivandrum. Being educated entrepreneurs, Mr. Sherief and his family wanted to install a solar system in their home knowing the futuristic benefits of solar power.

A family of principle, they decided to do some research of his own before choosing the best solar product available in the market. And spending a little over few weeks on the solar research, they decided they must go solar with Su-Kam.

Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and receives approximately 12 hours and 22 minutes of day light every day. And investing in solar power in this area would definitely bring perfect results.

A Happy Installation

And so Mr. Sherief decided to contact his nearby Su-Kam distributor Mr. Moorthy. Mr. Moorthy and the Sherief family became close friends during the entire process of the installation. The Sherief family was very happy with the installation and invited Mr. Moorthy and his family over for their house warming celebration. They were one big happy family just like the Su-Kam family. Anyway back to the story.

After a detailed inspection Mr. Moorthy decided for the following system to be installed in their home:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU– 5KVA/96V (Two in number)
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels– 250W/24V (24 in number)
  3. Su-Kam Batteries– 150AH (16 in number)
  4. 5KW Solar Panels

Units Generated and Load Running

This solar system is expected to generate approximately 25 to 30 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. The system is now running on solar comfortably. The solar system was installed in their newly constructed home. Solar power from this installation was used to carry out the entire construction process of the house. All power tools used by electricians, masons were running on solar power and they used 250 units of solar within a month for construction purposes.

Mr. Moorthy says, ‘We have installed two 5KVA solar PCU in the customer’s home according to their load requirements. They will be able to run full load of the home comfortably on solar. The system will bring a significant difference in their monthly electricity consumption from the grid’.

After the installation, we had a candid conversation with Mr. Sherief, his wife and his brother. We asked him if he is satisfied with the use of solar power and what he thinks about the future of solar power in India and he says, ‘I believe solar power will change the way we have looked at electricity utility in India in the coming years. If the common man like myself decided to take up solar power in their home, it will not only solve the problem of increasing electricity rates but it will be a major factor in making India a developed nation very soon’.

We are glad to associate with such highly educated man with futuristic ideologies. It is because of men like him that India will touch great heights.

We wish Mr. Sherief and his family all the best and hope to serve him and his family again in the future.

To understand how a solar PCU works and how to install please check these videos:

For further details, please contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner who did this installation:

Mr. Moorthy (Capital Solar Systems)- 09895330337

Contact customer with the details below:

Mr. Sherief Hazhee- 08547160797

Address- 67/163 Kamleshwaram

Opposite Madarsa



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