Naresh Malik says Su-Kam has given him more than 10 reasons to smile

Naresh Malik of Royal Engineering Systems is an extremely happy and satisfied distributor of Su-Kam. He has in his long association with the company completed many challenging installations and provided satisfactory service to many happy customers using Su-Kam products.

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His upcoming challenge is to introduce Su-Kam’s solar products for homes to his customers, to which is getting good response. He is also educating consumers on the benefits of solar inverters and other products run by solar energy.

This is what he has to say about Su-Kam in his own words; “I have been with this great company from last 10 years, and the whole journey has given me more than 10 reasons to smile. As it is said that, if the roots are strong the tree will definitely give good fruits, and Sukam as a company fulfills that saying.

Mr. Kunwar Sachdev has provided strong pillars to the organization, and run it with skill. The employees share a great bond between each other it helps in building the good atmosphere.Moreover the reliability of Sukam products is very high in the market, the customers trust the company to provide good after sales service also. I feel blessed to be associated with Su-Kam and am enjoying good time so far and believe will continue to do so.”



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