Newly branded dealer outlets in Lucknow & Kanpur


Branding happens to be one of the most important exercises for any brand. It not only makes your company unique, recognizable but it also helps you to connect well with your customers. Organizations have been spending crores to get their branding right. In such neck to neck competition, your brand needs to have the top most recall in the mind of the consumer.
Su-Kam too believes in the same philosophy. We have being spending huge amount on branding and advertising, since our dealers are the prima facia for our products, therefore, branding at dealer stores makes tremendous sense. One of our recent branding at dealer location happened in the select outlets of UP.

In the span of just 4 days,18 dealer outlets in Lucknow and 12 in Kanpur were rebranded with Su-Kam corporate and product branding. All the different touch points like product display counter, signage etc were rebranded. Sun boards, backlit boards, new display stands etc. were installed which not only enhanced the look of these outlets but also gave us the opportunity to engage with our customers on one-on-one basis.

The whole exercise motivated the dealers who appreciated this initiative taken by Su-Kam!!!



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