How This Hospital in Haryana Runs on Solar?

Rural India remains significantly underdeveloped in terms of healthcare facilities at hospitals and health care centers, making it inevitable for them to travel miles to reach the nearest cities and avail adequate treatment.

Why hospitals should go solar?

Hospitals consume a lot of diesel for power generation. Rooftop solar power can cut down the diesel bills from 20 to 100 per cent. Electricity, however is a primary requisite of hospitals to operate smoothly as the electrical equipment that are used directly or indirectly to treat patients require uninterrupted power.

Hospitals have typical electrical loads like Lighting, Fans, Refrigeration units, etc. that are supposed to run 24X7. Other heavy load electrical equipment is Air conditioner, accounting for more than half the energy consumed. Air conditioning is not a critical load in many companies, but is crucial for hospitals, such as in operation theatres or ICUs, where the air conditioning has to run even during load shedding.


How Janta Hospital in Haryana switched to solar?

Putting his best foot forward, Mr. Mukesh Kumar Lather, channel partner with Su-kam has installed solar inverters at Janata Hospital at Uchana village in the Jind district of Haryana. Although having 8 schools and three colleges, the village has not developed much in terms of providing healthcare facilities. One major setback in this area is the lack of electricity that is hindering any kind of development here.

The four room hospital consisting of 8 to 10 beds is a respite for the localities for quick cures. Although the hospital authorities were not worried about the monthly electricity bills which was affordable as it is a small scale hospital, but frequent power cuts were being obstacles in the smooth operation of the hospital.

Technical Specification:

The hospital authority is now running six ceiling fans, eight LED lamps and one refrigerator with the newly installed solar setup and is receiving uninterrupted electricity 24X7. In addition, the setup comes with a guarantee of 24 months.


Going solar has wiped off their worries

Shifting to a reliable and environment friendly source of energy is what counts. The hospital has future plans of expansion and installing more powerful solar setups in future.

Dr Ramchadani who has looked after the installation at the hospital on the occasion said, “The scene of rural India is changing, but not so with the hospitals. They still suffer from staff crunch and inadequate power back up set up. The solar inverters installed will bring much awaited relief to the patients now.”

Change is possible only when we make efforts to bring it. The much hyped Swach Bharat Abhiyan will be a success only when the changing India accepts change in the requirements of a cleaner source of power as well.

Solar inverters reduces a hospital’s dependency on diesel generators during power cuts. The above mentioned setup provides the best technology for saving loss of power and protecting the appliances against voltage fluctuations.

Go solar today – Dial 8053099888 to reach Mr Mukesh Kumar Lather or launch a query at 1800-102-7555.

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