Now Remember to Look for BEE Stars While Buying Inverters


Consumers will no longer be duped by shoddy inverters claiming to be energy efficient because now the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) will grant star ratings as per the efficiency level of the inverter.

While buying a refrigerator, air conditioner or a washing machine have you ever compared the star ratings on appliances or has the salesman recommended any particular appliance because of the more number of stars on it?

star ratingThis is a very crucial rating that needs to be understood properly. Most of the time people go for the price while purchasing electrical appliances, but what they should really be looking at is the efficiency of the product or how much energy the product consumes. This will prove quite useful in the long run.

Su-kam Power Solutions Ltd. is now the first inverter company to receive the star rating from BEE. Thus, now the consumers can choose their inverters intelligently.

How important is the star rating?

Appliances with star ratings have low running cost as they consume less electricity. It will also give more back up as compared to the non-star inverters. This means that not only your electricity bill will get lower with star rating inverters but also your back up worries will get resolved in the most efficient manner. Thus, more stars mean more savings and more reasons to smile.

Bijli Bachao with BEE’s star rating

Keeping the consumer satisfaction in mind, BEE has developed the star ratings to provide consumers with an easy way of comparing the energy efficiency of different models. The more stars the more energy efficient the appliance or simply more savings. This way, consumers will be able to differentiate between the appliances themselves. The appliances that are energy efficient consume less electricity to achieve the same level performance of similar models of the same size and capacity.

Su-Kam’s HF 500VA/12V inverter receives 4 stars

sukam hi frequency star1

BEE has labelled Su-Kam’s HF 500VA/12V inverter, a Home UPS with a four star rating. This is a welcome and a much awaited decision. The rating has been granted after passing many levels of stringent tests and examination.

Su-Kam is one of the few inverter companies in the market that develops energy efficient products. Su-Kam’s engineers at the R&D centre are continuously developing products that deliver high performance. This is one reason that makes Su-Kam a trusted brand not only in India but in foreign lands also. Be it the Middle East, African countries or the UAE, Su-Kam is trusted and loved by the people there.

Su-Kam has been a pioneer in inventing the best power solutions for the customer needs. The company’s everlasting spirit and drive to bring about continuous innovations in technology and quality products have proved to be path-breaking initiatives in the power back up industry. Other companies often look up to Su-kam and follow the suit. With focus on quality, Su-Kam offers inverters with high level of energy efficiency while converting from DC to AC power. Typical inverters available in markets have efficiencies for DC to AC in the range of 75 – 83%.

But the four stars rating on Su-kam’s High Frequency Inverter indicate that the efficiency level of this inverter is above 89% and can go up to 91%.

That’s not all. In the same product, Su-Kam is offering other lucrative features too:

  • It has lowest charging current ripple, which makes it more efficient and reliable.
  • It gives more back up time compared to other inverters.
  • No load consumption of High Frequency is very less as compared to other inverters.
  • The battery charging efficiency while converting AC to DC is also high.

So, next time you buy an inverter look for the star ratings and decide which product to go for.

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