One more school basking in the ‘sun’ glory

Su-kam and solar go hand in hand. The company has launched many revolutionary products and claims that its backbone is its hard-working employees. These employees are dedicated towards bringing a change in the society and give wings to Sukam’s ‘Ek Nayi Soch’.

Gurgaon School went solar

Following the company’s policy of providing uninterrupted power solutions, recently Rakesh Yadav, who is Su-kam’s distributor, took the initiative of installing a 5KW grid tie system in one of the schools in Gurgaon.

Open Sky School in Gurgaon was facing high electricity bill challenges for quite some time until Su-kam finally reached to them with a solution. Su-kam decided to take advantage of the direct sunlight to fulfill the power supply needs of the school and yet not causing a dent in their pocket. Now the school enjoys an efficient power supply throughout the day using a renewable source of energy – the sun.

Huge benefit for students

Students are the ones who are getting maximum benefit out of it. The lectures won’t be interrupted because of the regular power cuts. The children are getting to know about the various ways solar energy can be of advantage to them. So far, they had only heard of renewable energy concept but now they can actually see it practically.

The school is now using this energy generated from the sun to feed its labs and classrooms which directly enhances the facility of the school and has added advantages as the electricity bills have considerably reduced.

Rakesh shares his experience of working with Su-kam

Talking about his life at Su-kam, Rahul Yadav says, “It has been close to a year while working with Su-kam. My experience so far has been exceptionally good.” He adds that since he has started working as a distributor for Su-kam he has only seen sunny days.

About Su-kam’s MD Kunwer Sachdeva, he says, “MD sir is an inspiration for us, a good person with loads of knowledge bank. I have personally met sir twice, and I love the fact that he recognizes me and he knows what I do the best.” A company that treats its employees with so much affection is indeed the best company to work with.

Su-kam and its employees will thus, continue to make a difference in the life of others with their innovative thinking.

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