Digital UPS by Su-Kam

Su-Kam’s top-of-the line Digital UPS Systems redefines the very concept of the UPS. Packed with exclusive, innovative and electricity saving features, Su-Kam Digital UPS Systems... [ Continue Reading ]

IntelliQ Online UPS system

The Most Reliable Management Systems for Mission Critical Applications: true On-Line protection for Network Servers, Bridges, Hubs, Routers, Storage Devices and Critical Workstations, Medical Equipment,... [ Continue Reading ]

Innovations at Su-Kam

Su-Kam – the leading Power Back-up Solution provider in India, with its consistent focus on technological innovation, have reached unattainable heights, largely in the unorganized... [ Continue Reading ]

Facilities at Su-Kam

Su-Kam has established several state-of-the-art production facilities at the Corporate Office in Gurgaon, India – with facilities at par with the world standards. The battery... [ Continue Reading ]