Peeyush Salwan says that Su-Kam gave him endless opportunities to grow!


When I list all the positives of working with Su-Kam, it is hard to decide where to Start!

I joined Su-Kam four years back. I joined the company as a Management Trainee and was trained for six month in different field like Marketing, UPS Division, GBD, Channel Sales Etc. After my training, I was transferred to the channel sales department and was handling Noida, Aligarh and Agra for 6 Months. With the support of the management, I was given an opportunity to work in the GBD department and was given the responsibility of establishing South African markets. This was a huge challenge for us, but now after three years, we are present in all South African Countries. It was the support of management and my seniors which helped me to perform well and groom myself.

At last, I will say that Su-Kam gave me endless opportunities to grow, see things, learn etc; some things which I would have never been able to manage on my own.



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