People in Kenya Are Buying Indian Solar Products to Get Reliable Electricity Amid Power Crisis

Kenya is facing a severe shortage of electricity connection. Only 15% of country’s population is connected to the grid. Rest have to survive on diesel generators, lamps or go without any light at all. Even those homes and establishments that are connected to the grid have to struggle with long and frequent powercuts. However, recently the people are realizing the benefits and viability of solar power and switching to solar. The great news is that their first preference is ‘Made in India’ products as they are good in quality while being very affordable. Today we bring to you one such story

Why Did He Opt for Brainy Eco?

Mr. Rodney, lives in Kendu Bay in Kenya a country in East Africa. The area that Rodney stays receives little to no electricity. There has been massive power cuts in that area as reported by our authorized distributor located in Kenya.


Rodney stays with his family and struggled to run the load of his house. He spent absorbent amount of money on diesel generators to power his load. Due to this pressing problem, Rodney decided it was time for him to go solar.

That is when Rodney started searching for the best solar systems available in the market. He then stumbled across Su-Kam’s website and saw videos of our solar inverters on YouTube.

He then located our authorized distributor – Hydro East Africa Ltd. located in Kenya from Su-Kam’s official website.


Rodney visited Ms Li Na and explained the state of affairs of his home. She then advised him go in for Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco solar inverter.

Kenya territory lies on the equator and so receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 12 hours and 30 minutes of day light, a solar installation would be perfect for this area. After a detailed site inspection, they decided to install the following solar system:

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1100
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 750W
  3. Battery – 150AH


Load Running and Units Generated

The system generates approximately 3 to 5 units of electricity everyday depending upon the weather conditions and is designed to run the load of the house that includes refrigerator, TV, water pump, 5 light bulbs.

The installation was a success and Mr. Rodney is pleased with the working of Brainy Eco. After the installation we had a candid conversation with Ms. Li Na. She says, ‘There has been major power cuts reported in that area and we advised Mr. Rodney to install Su-Kam’s Brainy Eco in his house. As per our report Brainy Eco has done fairly well in Kenya. There have been no complaints received for the working of the system. The load in Rodney’s home is now comfortable working on solar power.’

We wish Mr. Rodney all the best. It was a privilege to associate with customers across the globe and hope to assist them further in the future.

To understand how an off grid solar system works, please watch this video:

To know more about upcoming technologies in solar and Su-Kam’s products, please click on this link and subscribe to Su-Kam’s YouTube channel –

For further details, please contact –

Ms. Li Na

Hydro East Africa Ltd.
P.O. Box 51495-00100 Nairobi,
Tel:(+254) 020 5160292

Contact the customer on the following address –

Mr. Rodney Oluoch


Kendu Bay




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