People in Kerala Are Choosing Solar to Power Their Home. Here’s Why:

Let’s Learn from Kerala

About a month back Mr. Anil who lives in Trivandrum, always dreamed of installed a solar powered plant to run his load. Excited about his home that was to be newly constructed Anil had big plans for making his home the perfect place to live in. Here is a story how Anil got exactly what he wanted and we had a happy customer.



Mr. Anil Madhavan was in a quest to find the best solar powered plant for his home that would not only reduce his electricity bill but also require least maintenance and last him a lifetime. Anil searched two long years patiently and relentlessly just to find the perfect place from where he could buy his high quality solar plant. In these two years he did his homework and understood what exactly he wanted for his home.


Like every other home Anil’s home had washing machines, refrigerators, TV, fans and tubelights. And he wanted that most of his home load should run on solar. Anil was not afraid to invest but he was a man of quality and understood the benefit of this long term investment. And so he finally contacted Mr. Moorthy (Su-Kam’s dealer located in Kerala from ‘Capital solar system’). Mr. Moorthy has sold a number of Su-Kam’s solar products over the years and has carried out a number of installations across Kerala.


He was happy to meet a customer who knew what he wanted. After a site inspection and understanding Anil’s load running requirements Moorthy finally installed the following system in his home-


  1. Su-Kam’s Solar PCU – 3KW
  2. Su-Kam’s Tall Tubular Batteries 150AH- 4 in number
  3. Su-Kam’s Solar panels 2KW- (250W/12V-8 in number)



This system is expected to generate approximately 8 to 10 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The system will run home load like refrigerator, tubelights, and fans. The installation was a success. Mr. Anil is extremely happy with the installation. He says ‘It was the right decision to go solar and I am very happy with how su-kam’s products work. I will go in for a higher capacity solar system very soon’.


The system is now running on solar. Mr. Murthi says ‘We have installed the system according to their load requirements. Mr. Anil was rightly excited about solar. He was an informed customer and we gave him exactly what he asked. We are happy to associate with him’.

We wish Mr. Anil all the best and hope that many others take inspiration from him and devote some time to understand the vast benefits and advantages of solar.


To understand how to install a solar PCU and how it works please click on this link and watch an interesting video:

Su-Kam’s Solar Channel Partner Who Did this Installation

Mr. Murthi (Capital Solar System)- 09895330337

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. Anil Madhavan- 0947172469/09400092657

Kollankara road

Puthuveedemela Perukavu






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