Petrol Pump Goes Solar and Saves Rs 18,000 per month

Interestingly, many petrol pumps now-a-days are going solar. Ample benefits and a cost that can be easily recovered within a few years is the driving force for this change.

Read this petrol pump’s solar journey.


Why this filling station chose solar energy

Steep power bills were a constant source of worry for this petrol pump owner. His bill would usually shoot up to around Rs 30,000 every month. To curb this he decided to install solar at his petrol pump located in Panipat.

The owner contacted Su-Kam’s distributor, Mohit Batteries who has installed solar plants at various petrol pumps in that area.

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Technical Specifications


Now the petrol pump runs on solar power during the day and the energy stored in the batteries is used after sunset.

Huge Savings with Solar

This has enabled the owner to save approximately Rs 18,000 per month. So, in a way he has reduced his expenditure by 50-60%.

The entire set up cost around Rs 5.8 lakhs, but looking at the massive savings the owner will get the ROI in just two and a half years. Amazing, right?


Want solar? Call the expert

To get the best solar system as per your energy needs get in touch with Mr Mohit Juneja of Mohit Batteries by dialing 09416644448. For more info, visit



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