Petrol Pump Goes Solar in Sirsa to Save Money and Get 24×7 Electricity. It Was Spending Rs. 35,000 On Diesel Generator Per Month!

Solar energy has rightly seen a growing demand in various cities across India. Specially petrol pumps and areas that require power back up at all times. Here is a story about a petrol pump located in Sirsa that struggled with no grid connection for months and finally decided to go solar!


Mr. Kailash Sarraf, owns a petrol pump in Village Kagdana, Sirsa, Haryana. The petrol pump is located in a remote area of Sirsa where there is no provision of electricity from the Grid. Mr. Kailash had to turn to the expensive diesel generator to run his entire load of the petrol pump. For 6 long months he ran his load on diesel generators and paid a massive sum on monthly electricity bills. The generator ran on approximately 22 Litres of diesel every day I.e almost Rs 34,000 per month

He discussed this problem in length with his family and friends and after getting a positive response from everyone he decided it was now time for his petrol pump to go solar. And so he contacted Mr. Lalit Goyal (Authorized distributer of Su-Kam from ‘Harsh Electronics’) after looking into an advertisement of solar in the ‘Amar Ujala’ daily newspaper of Sirsa.

Mr. Lalit Goyal has been working with Su-Kam’s solar products for many years now. With his expertise, Mr. Lalit was the perfect man for this important solar installation. He advised for the following system to be installed in the petrol pump-


  1. Su-Kam’s Colossal Inverter– 5KVA
  2. Su-Kam’s solar Tall Tubular Batteries– 8 in number
  3. Su-Kam’s Solar charge controller(PWM)- 96V/60Amp
  4. Su-Kam’s Solar panels 3KW- (250W/12V-12 in number)


This solar system will run three dispensing pumps, fans, tubelights etc the full load of the petrol pump. It is expected to generate approximately 10 to 15 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a major success, and Mr. Kailash is extremely relieved. Mr. Lalit says ‘We have installed the system accurately according to their load requirements. They will be able to run all of their appliances comfortable on solar’

We wish Mr. Kailash and his petrol pump all the best and hope to serve him and his family in future. It was a pleasure to associate with him.

To understand how an off grid solar system works please watch this video:

Su-Kam’s Solar Channel Partner Who Did this Installation

Mr. Lalit Goyal(Harsh Electronics)- 09896588388

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. Kailash Sarraf- 09812473222

M/S sarraf auto,

Village kagdana

District Sirsa


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