Petrol Pump in Jind Goes Solar and Will Recover the cost in just 1.5 years. Here is why:

Receiving only a few hours of electricity per day Jai Hind Filling Station in Jind, Haryana was spending a fortune on powering the pump.

However, solar has transformed the situation completely. With an initial investment of Rs. 4.5 lacs the money will be recovered in 1.5 years after which electricity will be absolutely free for this petrol pump.

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Jai Hind Petrol Pump in Jind

The filling station received only 8 hours of electricity everyday. This is not enough for a petrol pump that has to remain open for business 24 hours. So the petrol pump relied on diesel generator for electricity.

Petrol pump spends a fortune on electricity

The DG set consumed 5 litres of diesel everyday. So in a day the owner spent Rs. 500 on diesel, which means on an average he spent:

  • Rs. 15,000 a month on diesel
  • maintenance charges of the generator
  • Rs. 10,000 per month on electricity bill


Going by the solar trend, petrol pump is now solar

Solar comes to rescue

After hearing good reviews about solar energy the owner decided to install a solar system at his pump. The job was given to Su-Kam distributor, Dev Power Systems.

Technical specifications:



Now electricity is absolutely FREE

After installing solar system the petrol pump is completely energized by solar energy. During the day all the electrical equipment run on energy generated from the solar panels. After sunset solar energy stored in the batteries power the petrol pump.



Cost and savings

The entire set up cost approximately Rs 4.5 lacs. But with diesel cost and generator maintenance charges slashed off and electricity bill reduced, the pump owner is saving a lot of money.

The money will be recovered in 1.5 years’ time.

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