Petrol Pump in Karnataka goes solar

Solar is a god sent solution to an age old problem India has been grappling with. It’s no wonder that more and more people are adopting it.

Here’s how a petrol pump in a small town in Karnataka decided to go solar and bid adieu to all power related problems.

Power crunch effecting business

This Indian Oil petrol pump is situated in a small town called Kushtagi in district Koppal, Karnataka. Due to its location the area experiences serious power crunch. 5-6 hours of power cut per day is normal here.

Costly diesel generator and heavy electricity bills

Since electricity is so critical to running a petrol pump, the owner had to rely on alternate sources of energy. He was using a diesel generator which guzzled down at least 4-5 litres of diesel per day. As a result he ended up spending approximately Rs 6000 every month.

To add to his problems he was spending a minimum of Rs 8000 per month on electricity bill.

Solar comes to rescue

The pump owner decided to install solar and put an end to his worries.

Technical specifications:

Thanks to solar now business is up and running!

Now with the solar system in place the petrol pump runs smoothly on solar energy which is completely free of charge.

During the day the energy generated from the solar panels run all the electrical equipment. After sunset the energy stored in the battery does the job.

Power cut, electricity bill and rising diesel cost does not bother the owner anymore.

The project cost approximately Rs. 6.5 lacs. But with electricity bill and diesel expenses down to zero

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