Why Su-Kam inverter?

How does one judge a good restaurant? The critic’s views, yes. A recommendation, perhaps. There is however one foolproof way to go about it, and that is by gauging its popularity. And this is an almost universally successful barometer – be it for restaurants, films…almost anything in life. If a lot of people are using it, it ought to be good.

Aside from all the technical awards, the industry recognition, and the actual products themselves being made of reliable, frugal, and usable technology, what guarantees Su-Kam’s power back-up products stature as the absolute number one is their sheer popularity! It is difficult to quantify Su-Kam’s consumer base, simply because it is ridiculously large! There is a mass following, where everyone uses and recommends Su-Kam.

Su-Kam’s inverters, in particular, have emerged as the crowd favourites, and for good reason. Popularity speaks for itself – ask any Su-Kam inverter user for his feedback, and the most likely answer will be a big thumbs up. That Su-Kam pioneered the power back up revolution is a fact, but not a legacy the company relies on. Their R&D works constantly, and tirelessly, to improve, innovate, and bring products that are simpler, and more efficient to use, than their previous models.

Mr. Dharam Pal Arora, from Gurgaon, has been a Su-Kam inverter customer for many years. Not only has he himself become a fan of the brand, he has made many friends and relatives adopt it too. Su-Kam has spread like wildfire through his community, and this is how the brand has acquired its mammoth fan base.

Like Mr. Arora, there are many, many others. Mr. Shrikant Ladia and Mr. Manoj Dewan from New Delhi, Mr. Hiralal Sinha from Bankura, Mr. Umesh Gupta from Muzzafarpur, Mr. Vinod Singh Negi from Ghaziabad, Mr. Amit Billore from Bhopal, Mr. Jasbir Singh from Ambala, and Mrs. Savita Sood from Gurgaon – all these Su-Kam inverter users are loyal customers of the brand. It is only so because they have all experienced years of hassle free power back-up. One that has been constant, economical and reliable. So to answer the question, “Why Su-Kam inverters?” in one word – popularity!




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