Su-Kam – Shining with world class infrastructure

Just like a business is built on a sound infrastructure, Life is built on certain key foundations. The stronger the foundation, the better the quality of life. And, in the same light, the more robust the infrastructure, the more pliant the business. The fair conclusion is that it’s a company’s infrastructural capability that defines its business, products and services. So if we canalize the power back-up sector, one company shines through miles ahead of anyone else, and that is Su-Kam. With top notch facilities the results of its world standard infrastructure show clearly in the quality of its products, and in the mass and pan-India patronage it enjoys.

Su-Kam’s facilities are extensively spread, and are peerless in their high standards! At Gurgaon, we’ve established a state-of-the-art R&D facility and a telecom inverter and accessories plant. At Baddi, in Himachal Pradesh, we’ve established an industry of our own – a SMF battery plant, an inverter manufacturing plant, a UPS – standard and online – manufacturing unit, and even a solar-power inverter manufacturing plant!

The greatest measure of a company’s successful products is the patronage they enjoy. And this tiny sample says more for Su-Kam than long lists of the company’s actual facilities. Real customers like Mr. Abhishek Kumar from Gurgaon; Mr. Ravinder Rawat from Faridabad; Mr. Vivek Verma from Lucknow; and Mr. Hiren Mehta from Mumbai. All these Su-Kam customers are direct beneficiaries of the company’s enviable infrastructure – they are enjoying world class inverters, batteries, UPS systems and other power back-up products, that give them constant power, and peace of mind.

What Su-Kam produces is the most comprehensive, competitive, and robust line of varied power back-up products. They are faultlessly reliable and patronized en mass. To people like Mr. Asshesh Sood from Noida, Mr. Prakash from Thane, and Mrs. Padmaja Kumar from Hyderabad, Su-Kam has given their homes a new lease of life. One that is empowered, self-reliant and nurturing.

World class infrastructure with a very Indian heart – Su-Kam!




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