Power quality monitors by Su-Kam

Today most of us have appliances like TV, DVD, home theatres, PC, printer etc at our home. Power cuts and voltage fluctuations can really harm these appliances. But I ensured that my appliances don’t get affected adversely due to these regular yet unpredictable power cuts. I got a Su-Kam’s Power Quality Monitor (PQM), and lo and behold, my troubles with power cuts are a thing of the past.

PQM is a great utility tool for pre-installation site survey. Before installing any power back-up equipment, PQM can help to measure the power quality of the incoming power so that the appropriate power back-up equipment can be decided. It is also possible to monitor the voltage, frequency and THD with a PQM. The waveform of the power source is plotted as an actual shape so that we are aware of the purity of waveform. Thus it is easy to compare the quality of back up source by just comparing it with the ideal waveform stored and can also be compared against the power back up equipment.

This unit is very useful to see the quality of waveform generated by the generator, inverter or UPS & to check if this is pure sine wave or not. The effect of switching on an AC or a PC on the power line can also be clearly seen.  Moreover, PQM is not just meant for monitoring home appliances and equipments; it can also monitor the equipments at hospitals, ATMs, industrial and other heavy machineries.

See, isn’t PQM a great device? I have found peace of mind knowing that my appliances are safe. Why don’t you follow my example and ensure that your appliances get protected as well.




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