Pradeep Mishra has received a number of awards for his exemplary performance at work


He joined Su-Kam at a very young age as a helper when Su-Kam was into cable TV business. He says he is lucky that he worked at Su-Kam as his talent was quickly recognized and given ample opportunity to groom and grow. He is now working as a Supervisor at the Baddi Inverter plant.

He recollects one of the incidences where he was in dire need of Rs.25,000 to get his mother operated. Mr. Sachdev then arranged for a company loan to be extended to him then even though there were no such company policies at that time.

Mr Mishra says that he has learnt to care for his juniors from his seniors who have always supported him and given due recognition to his work. He thanks his seniors for awarding him with ‘Pat on the Back’ for increasing productivity in the assembly line. He has also received the ‘Best Employee of the Department’ where he was given an LED TV; Mr Mishra feels very proud about owning it. Amongst other awards he has received the Long service Award twice.



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