Service first – The Su-Kam way

The first responsibility of any company is to provide a reliable product – one that is well built, uses dependable technology, and performs smoothly without breaking down. The second, equally important, responsibility is of providing technical service – especially in case of electronic or mechanical products. Even if the product is made to very high standards, it can only function properly if it receives regular care and attention. This is possible only if the company realizes this truth, and puts in place an efficient and prompt service network.

Su-Kam’s position as the industry leader in power back-up projects is undisputed. Not just the great products, Su-Kam’s service support also plays a crucial role in sustaining this brand position. Su-Kam has technicians who know their jobs, know their machines, and provide superb service back-up.

We can see this clearly by speaking to a host of real-life Su-Kam customers. Let’s consider a small group of long term customers from Gurgaon, Haryana – Mr. Hoshiyar Singh, Mr. Vinay Vats, Mr. Manuj Syal, Mr. Anupam Sharma, Mr. Piyush, Mr. Srikant, Mr. Mukesh Kumar and M/SVarun Voyages.

Mr. Srikant has been using his Su-Kam inverter for three years – a particularly long period for an inverter. The reason it has lasted him so long – good service. Like him, Mr. Anupam Sharma also credits his superb experience with Su-Kam to service. He says that prompt, and timely, service support from the company has ensured that the inverter runs smoothly, and for long.

In fact all these people have similar experiences to share. They know first hand, that when it comes to priorities, Su-Kam’s lie on offering great service and technical support. It’s what makes it the truly great brand that it is. The product is superb, to begin with, but with excellent service support, it takes things to a totally new level altogether. Service first, is the Su-Kam way!

Contact info of some of the above customers:

Mr. Hoshiyar Singh:

Mr. Vinay Vats:

Mr. Manuj Syal:

Mr. Anupam Sharma:

Mr. Srikant:

M/S Varun Voyages:




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