Proof! I’m Saving Rs. 6,000 Monthly After Installing Solar in My House. My Electricity Bill Proves This

Mr. Amey lives with his family in flat in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh state of India. His house runs the usual home load that includes about one submersible pump 1HP, Roof  lights – 48 in number (12V each), 16W tube lights in number, 1 Music system, 1 LED TV, 1 Refrigerator, 1 automatic washing machine.


The area where this house is located experiences irregular power cuts. Electricity is sufficiently available for the entire day to expect for an hour of the power cut. But the cost of per unit mains supply is quite expensive here.

Amey and his family paid approximately INR 6000 as electricity bill per month. Amey wanted a permanent solution to his rising bills as he owned this house and was looking for a long term investment.


Amey learned about solar power and decided to get a solar powered system at his home to reduce his bills which were his primary concern. Amey and his wife then started looking for the best company to install a solar system.

They did their research and looked up on the internet and were impressed by the technology-driven products offered by Su-Kam. They searched for their nearby distributor on the website and contacted SK Distributor-owned by Mr. Pankaj.

Pankaj and his team of qualified engineers then visited Amey’s home and inspected their load and advised him to install an off grid solar powered system that would run their load on solar power and also provide sufficient backup.


Pankaj then showed Amey a video from Su-Kam’s Youtube channel to help him calculate the electricity bill of his home and savings if he installed solar power, watch it here –

Indian state Madhya Pradesh receives  ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 11 hours and 30 mins of daylight, a solar installation in this winter month of February would be perfect for this area. And so Amey followed Pankaj’s advice and installed the following –

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 3KW/48V
  2. Su-Kam Batteries 150AH – 4
  3. Solar Panels – 250W/24V – 3KW


Load Running and Units Generated

This solar system generates 15 to 20 units of electricity in a day approximately according to weather conditions. The system runs the load of the house that includes one submersible pump 1HP, Roof  lights – 48 in number (12V each), 16W tube lights in number, 1 Music system, 1 LED TV, 1 Refrigerator, 1 automatic washing machine.


This installation was a major success and Mr. Amey is very happy with the installation.

He says and we quote, ‘I knew I was going in for the best inverter in the industry and it has proved to be the right choice. I installed Su-Kam’s 3KW solar PCU in my home one year back and since then my bills have reduced to 290Rs that too because of one AC running in my home. I am running the rest of the load on solar and saving INR 6000rps monthly. I feel thankful to Su-Kam to help me with this issue. Looking forward to installing another 1KW solar panel to include my Air conditioner and geyser.

Please see the attached electricity bill of Mr. Amey of this month!

We wish Mr. Amey and his family all the best and best of luck for the coming days. Follow Su-Kam’s Blogs to know more about solar inverter installations.


Watch this video to know how to calculate the electricity bill of your home –

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Contact the distributor in Madhya Pradesh

Pankaj Gupta- 0982605999

Contact the customer on the following address-

Mr. Amey Barve-09806153763

470A Tulsi Nagar


Madhya Pradesh



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