“Proud to be a part of Su-Kam: A company that provides a free working environment to women”- Renu Chauhan


I joined Su-Kam 6 years back as a fresher in the sales team. Working at Su-Kam has been an interesting experience & a perfect career launching pad for me. I had my apprehensions about being a part of the corporate world initially. However, the love, support, warmth and encouragement provided to me by my colleagues and seniors helped me shun any doubts I had for this corporate environment.  The scope of work, challenges, learning opportunity and experiences that Su-Kam offers is what makes the place exciting for me. The greatest support came to me when I was expecting my first child. My team members and seniors were supportive and very understanding in delegating tasks that were not too exacting for my condition at that time. I was given additional leaves as per my requirement. The support given to me at this juncture of my life meant a lot to me. This particular incidence has given me a reason to respect this company even more. I am proud about the fact that I have been given an opportunity to work for a company that provides a free and open working environment to women wherein they can voice and present their opinions at all platforms without any hesitation. I can certainly say that I am proud to be a Su-Kamian!



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