Pure Sine Wave….Road to the future.


Su-Kam is always attempting to push the boundaries of technology for the future, and has succeeded in doing so with its “Pure Sine Wave home UPS Falcon”, based on world’s most advanced sine wave technology. The UPS is a truly futuristic concept, as a two in one product comprising of both Inverter plus UPS technologies it completely eliminates the need to have a separate power back-up system for your home as well as your computer.


Traditionally, there are two separate power back-up systems i.e. UPS Systems for computers and Inverters for other household appliances. With the increasing number of households having a computer, it became an absolute necessity to have a single product providing power back-up to Computers as well as other household appliances.


Su-Kam’s Falcon can provide power back-up to computer as well as home appliances during power cut. This results in cost savings as only one system is working instead of two, it saves up a lot of space, provides a longer power backup as compared to UPS.The Falcon is an appliance friendly  product, as the life of the appliances like TV and refrigerators is increased as there is no time gap between power cut and power back-up.

Su-Kam’s Falcon is a true technological marvel that has gone a long way to solve power problems faced by people, and has made it’s mark in technological history.




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