Rave reviews for Su-Kam

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.It is what the client or customer gets out of it.
– Peter Drucker

Su-Kam understands this maxim very well and strives to ensure complete satisfaction of its clients. The market leader in power back-up systems seems to have succeeded in delivering quality as evidenced by the rave reviews it has received from customers across the country.

Shridhar Mishra, a New Delhi resident and a Su-Kam customer for the past three and a half years is extremely happy with his Su-Kam inverter. He claims he has never had any problems with the inverter. He is totally impressed with it and describes it as a “word-class product”. His views are reiterated by many. Harmeet Kaur, another New Delhi resident and Jagadish Kshirsagar from Pune are also full of praise for Su-Kam products. Both own the brand’s inverters and have never had any maintenance issues. They opine that Su-Kam gives full value for their money.

Su-Kam products are also well-loved and appreciated for their role in making lives easier and more comfortable. Sushila Verma installed a Su-Kam inverter at her place in 2007 and has bidden farewell to the inconveniences caused by power cuts. Her family is no more plagued by these interruptions. Manoj Kohli from New Delhi and Anish Dikshit from Mohali also bless the day they brought these inverters into their homes thus getting rid of unwanted interruptions caused by power cuts. “Su-Kam enlightens our lives”, says Kohli while Dikshit says that now he doesn’t even realize when there is a power outage, all thanks to his Su-Kam inverter.

Shakti Mohapatra, a lecturer from Cuttack is not only impressed with Su-Kam inverters’ quality but also with their looks. He says that these inverters have excellent features and great looks to boot. Ramesh Sharma, Noida also expresses his satisfaction with Su-Kam’s products and calls  them “world-class” and “first-rate”.

The satisfied and happy customers of Su-Kam are thus are all praise for them and express their wishes for the company’s continued growth and progress. Ajay Batra, yet another one of Su-Kam’s happy customers is quite gung-ho about their growth as a brand. He recalls the time when Su-Kam was not a very well-known brand and then expresses his admiration for the remarkable journey it has made to become a household name today.




  1. dr ajay shastri

    I don’t know about technology but it is my frank opinion about the service network of sukam is rediculous, rubbish, irresponsible. my 2.5 kv inverteris not working since almost one yr, complained about it many times at different levels but everything was in vain. i can neverthink of bying or even recomending it to anybody in future.

    • Hi Dr Ajay Shastri,

      We are extremely sorry if you have been inconvenienced through a Su-kam product. However, we pride ourselves on prompt and effective customer service. Please provide us with your name, contact number and address. Please give us the complaint number and date as well and we assure you to look into the matter at the earliest. Mail us at custserv@su-kam.com, Meanwhile you can also call up on our toll free no. 1800 102 4423 to get assistance in this .We would do our best to resolve your grievance at the earliest. Hoping to hear from you soon.
      Su-Kam Executive.

    • We’re sorry that you have been facing problems with the servicing of our product. We can totally understand how frustrating it must have been for you. We try our best to always be there for our customers and keep them happy but like any other company we might not succeed every time. Please accept our apologies.
      Can we have your complaint number and contact details, please? Please email them on Kriti@su-kam.com. We will get back to you ASAP.
      Thank you

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