Really! World’s First Solar Static UPS Developed in India is a Wonder. Here’s Why

Looks like the solar revolution has begun in India. Our blog is full of stories about homes, offices, schools and hospitals going solar, but today let’s check out this latest solar technology that has been ‘Made in India’. Here’s presenting world’s first static solar UPS.

What is solar static UPS and why is it so great?

This solar UPS has ‘zero’ switchover time meaning it goes from mains to battery mode in no time. Usually, solar inverters take about 10-20 milliseconds to do this which could hamper your sensitive electronic items such as modems, servers, music systems and Tvs. But BrainyS static solar UPS provides constant supply of power and intelligently works on mains, solar and battery depending how it is set and how much solar power is available.

Another great feature about this product is that it can be connected to any charge controller of your choice – PWM or MPPT

Basically, this brilliant product combines features of On-line UPS, Solar Power Conditioning Unit and Inverter into just one product.

You must watch this video to understand how this product works:



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