Reasons how a Home UPS replaces Computer UPS

# why buy separate computer UPS when u have Home UPS?

This is one most frequently asked question by end customers who buy Home UPS to power backup their Desktop PC and other house hold electronic gadgets.

And the Answer is, ‘Yes’ a Modern Home UPS (above 600VA) is good enough to handle the load of Desktop PC during abrupt power cuts.

NO Reboots and No loss of work in PC!

All you need is to select the UPS mode in your Home UPS before you start using your Desktop PC with Home UPS.


# Computer UPS Vs. Home UPS

Let’s go back in time when the cheapest laptop costed 1 lac and youngsters were seen crowding internet Cafes to chat online.

All desktop computers used to have a small device called UPS that seemed to Communicate with the computer.

It used to warn the computer in case of power cut and give additional 15-30 minutes, so that the users could save their work before the computer shut down.

Come back in present – UPS is now giving power without pause to your entire house. People no longer buy separate UPS for their computers.

# How Fast is Our Home UPS?

It is made to give power backup in such a way that you don’t even realize that there has been a power cut at all.

The time that it takes to detect a power cut and switch over from mains to batteries, to provide you power, is equal to the time you take to blink your eyes – yes, it is that fast.

Think of UPS as an intelligent inverter.

While a UPS instantly starts supply, with an inverter there is a lag of around half a second which can cost you dearly as modems and desktops can reboot. But what about other devices such as TVs, blenders, fridge etc? Why should they stop and start again in power cuts?

If you have UPS then that won’t happen – all devices will continue working without rebooting during power cuts.


# Here Comes Su-Kam!

Here, we would also like to proudly say that Su-Kam was the first company in India to come up with the innovative technology of making Home UPS (or HUPS as we call them in Su-Kam).

It combined the features of UPS and inverters into one device to supply power to all electrical devices – Home UPS – it also made buying separate UPS for computers unnecessary.

Now, we can answer the question simply by saying that Home UPS is a smart inverter capable to powering your household electrical equipment instantly in case of a power cut.

A Home UPS unit includes the battery and battery charger in one standalone unit.

When you’re buying

Su-Kam’s shiny ,

cosmic  , or


you’re buying home UPS and not mere inverters.

If you’d like to buy our intelligent UPS then please contact us

PS: As much as we want to use only the term UPS, we have to use it interchangeably with inverters
because that’s it is popularly called.



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