Perpetual power with Su-Kam!

Most of us cringe at the very thought or mention of electricity cuts, especially in the summers. When one craves for the cool confines of one’s home & office, away from the heat wave outside, a load-shedding can be one’s worst nightmare. And this, of course, is just the situation in our cities. Further inside, rural India suffers from inordinately long power cuts, that is if there is electricity in that area in the first place!

Help, however, has been at hand for some time now. And a growing number of Indians have discovered the joys of constant power, thanks to Su-Kam’s range of power back-up solutions. Affordable, thoughtfully-designed & engineered and extremely simple to use, these inverters, batteries & UPS systems need minimal investment & care and provide back-up whenever, wherever needed. Not a dark moment with a Su-Kam around.

But that’s not the special factor about Su-Kam. Of course these machines ought to provide power. But what has been an unexpected revelation to most Su-Kam customers is, just how ‘permanent’ a solution a Su-Kam product presents. These machines perform for years together. No hitches, no glitches and they just don’t stop! And that, despite being electronic products at the end of the day, is the remarkable thing about Su-Kam. The endless longevity of their products.

Let us sample a few people who have been using Su-Kam for a long period of time. In the two-year bracket, we have Mr. Rishabh Kumar from Jalandhar & Mr. Harman Channa from Ghaziabad. In the three-year category, we have Mr. Debashish Datta from Orissa, Mr. Suresh Jain & Mr. Anil Malhotra from Punjab and Mr. Vijay Bhatnagar from Rishikesh. These people represent a small section of a huge long-term Su-Kam customer category, who have not felt the need to replace their machines, despite the years they have gathered!

And just when you think three years is indeed a long time for an electronic power back-up product to last, Su-Kam will shock you because the likes of Mr. G B Singh & Mr. Guliar Singh from Jalandhar have been using the same Su-Kam machines for 7 & 10 years respectively!

Hard proof, that with Su-Kam, it is quite literally perpetual power!




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