Talking of goodwill – No one like Su-Kam

What happens when a brand has goodwill from all sections of society, be it customers, dealers, and non-users? What happens when a company enjoys equal goodwill across the length & breadth of a country? Well, what happens is a mass-following, and a mass-adoption of the brand’s offerings! Very few enjoy this level of unconditional patronage, but Su-Kam is one such brand. A powerhouse, a superbrand!

Dheeraj Sachdeva from New Delhi vouches for Su-Kam’s goodwill. He says that the main reason he bought his now 2-year-old inverter was because the dealers themselves told him that no other brand was as good as Su-Kam! Suman Banerjee from Kolkata also opted for a Su-Kam after hearing a very positive buzz about the brand in the marketplace. And like Suman, Anjan Ghatak, also from West Bengal, decided on Su-Kam, thanks to the tremendous reputation it enjoys among the dealer community.

Dealers and customers are now forming an integral part of Su-Kam’s goodwill ambassador network. Bhaskar Govind Raj from New Delhi is so happy with his Su-Kam inverter, he only recommends Su-Kam to all his friends & associates. Similarly, Raman Deshwal from Ghaziabad has developed such a high regard for his Su-Kam products, that he too will suggest the brand to his acquaintances. And Gaurav Kumar, another Su-Kam user from Ghazaibad shares Raman’s view exactly.

Su-Kam’s reputation then, precedes itself. It has become so well known that customers strongly suggest it and the brand-name has come to mean reliability. Shiv Kumar from Jalandhar bought his Su-Kam product because a friend told him to buy it. And he is a loyal Su-Kam believer today. While, for Harvinder Singh from Gurgaon, Ketan Choudhary from Delhi and Sukhwinder Singh from Ludhiana; there was never any doubt or debate. The choice was only Su-Kam, because the name itself impresses them immensely!

Today, all these customers have had such a good experience & ownership that they will always use Su-Kam products, and become the brand’s staunch goodwill ambassadors. For Su-Kam, whose remarkable reputation extends from one corner of India to the other, one can only say – Goodwill ho toh aisa!




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