Taking India global – Su-Kam

Su-Kam has literally created the power back-up industry sector & market from scratch. Gone are the days when inverters were crudely manufactured in the backyards of suburban homes, in make-shift garage workshops. Thanks to Su-Kam, there is a thriving industry full of cutting edge products, that represents the last word in power back-up. Over time, Su-Kam has scaled even greener pastures, and emerged one of the few Indian companies to have a truly global presence, acceptance, and acknowledgment.

Continuous focus on quality and strict adherence to international standards has enabled Su-Kam to export its products to various overseas markets across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Pacific Region. Currently, 10% of the company’s turnover is made up of exports, and this is poised to rise exponentially in the years ahead. The prestigious international certifications of CE, awarded to its products to meet European, US and Canadian norms, has enabled Su-Kam to market its products across the globe.

That is not to say that Su-Kam is like that Bollywood export, who has forgotten its parent country. Quite the contrary. Su-Kam prides itself on being a customer-focused organization and its products are engineered and manufactured to consistently provide the most efficient and reliable power back-up products & solutions to its customers.

Having a nationwide presence through a network of branch offices and channel partners, Su-Kam ensures complete and efficient service to its customers.

The result is a widespread patronage, that is the envy of any corporation. For over a decade now, Indians across the country have bought and used Su-Kam inverters & UPS systems, and they have brought not just power, but immense joy & happiness to their lives. For example, Mr. Bidhu Mohapatra from Gurgaon is one such happy Su-Kam customer; and there are thousands more. Take for example Mr. Prem Rawat from Ghaziabad, Mr. Syed Agha from Aligarh, and Mr. Mukul Modi from Gorakhpur, all from Uttar Pradesh. Mr. M Patil from Pune, Mr. B U Chengappa from Bangalore, and Dr. Gargi Chatterji from Howrah in West Bengal.

All Su-Kam customers who have, and continue to enjoy unabated power from their respective Su-Kam machines, and are now part of a global audience for India’s truly multinational company!




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