United in Su-Kam praise

We live in a world where we take a lot for granted. Electricity is one such thing. We consider constant power our birthright. And rightly so, because it is a service we pay dearly for. But despite this, we are often left with load shedding and power cuts, leaving our homes and work places crippled and unable to function.

And that’s where Su-Kam comes in. For over a decade now, Su-Kam has worked to alleviate this power-crunch in India and abroad. How has it done this? Through its many revolutionary power back-up products. They are well built, economical to buy and run, and always reliable. In fact, Su-Kam inverters, UPS systems and batteries have become benchmarks in their respective categories. They have garnered much goodwill and popularity, and have helped Su-Kam develop a long and loyal customer base, one that cannot stop praising the brand.

Mr. Prakash from Thane, Mr. Hiren Mehta from Mumbai, and Mr. Avinash Kumar from Nagpur are all Su-Kam customers from Maharashtra. A word with any of these gentlemen quickly reveals their love and admiration for brand Su-Kam. They have been using Su-Kam inverters for a number of years now, and are totally satisfied with the performance and service of their respective products. They swear by these machines, and recommend them to all their near and dear ones.

Millions of other Su-Kam loyalists are dotted all over India, people who shower praises on brand Su-Kam for their wonderful power back-up products. Mr. Asheesh Sood from Noida, Mrs. Padmaja Kumar from Hyderabad, Mr. Rohit Madan from Faridabad, Mr. Saurabh Agarwal from Mysore, and Mr. Kamaleshwar Thapliyal from New Delhi – Su-Kam customers who have become loyal patrons, thanks to the superb performance of their machines.

When it comes to praise and popularity, there is substance to, and hard reason why, Su-Kam is the absolute number one. It’s lighting up the country, and the lives of its people!




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