Renu hails from a business family and brings the ethos of trade to her Product-Manager’s profile at Su-Kam Power Systems Limited. A B.Com graduate from the University of Delhi, Renu is a past master at handling a diverse collage of responsibilities with an élan customary of those endowed with an early understanding of business and its vagaries.


Taking a hiatus to smell the roses: Renu at work

Renu had joined Su-Kam in 2007, a year after marriage, and had previously worked in a bank. There’s something remarkable about the Company in the sense that it’s considered an attractive option for seeking employment by scores of newly-married women hailing from traditional families. Renu is of the opinion that the unique combination of staunch professionalism and humane values themed around the notion of a “united family” makes Su-Kam a highly desirable work-destination for scores of young female professionals, including those newly-married.

Renu’s very first profile in Company was that of a sales co-ordinator in-charge of the Jaipur-Gujarat region. Such a role would have been considered a ‘tough assignment’ by any fresher irrespective of gender but Renu backed herself to be up for the challenge. Her expert handling of the job, defying constraints of inexperience, won her much laurels from her seniors. Renu informs us that at that time the Company’s sales operations were less centralised than at present and this situation required sales-coordinators like her to focus more on co-ordinating among branches. Nurturing branches to be efficient and supremely productive was the core of her job in those days.

renu 1

First love: Renu being facilitated for winning in badminton

In 2009 all the hard work paid-off and Renu was promoted to the position of Executive: East Zone Coordinator. She would now handle all sales and collections for the whole of the East Zone region. Soon enough Renu found herself staring at another promotion and was made a Senior Executive by the appreciative senior management of the Company. Her share of responsibilities now stood substantially augmented. From a regional panorama, Renu found her horizon of responsibilities extended to the entire length and breadth of the country.

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We… are the champions of the world: with fellow Sports-Day participants

Sales collections and sales targets of the whole of India now constituted part of her new work-profile. Moving up the ladder brought her closer to the higher management and instead of reporting to the Regional Manager, Renu started reporting to the President of the Battery Division, Mr Madan Kotnala (presently the COO of the Company.) Renu attained the profile of Assistant Manager in 2011 and was put in charge of providing support to the entire Su-Kam sales machinery across India. Currently she works as a Product Manager and looks after the evolution of Power-Backup Home Solutions Product, a unique offering from the Su-Kam stable of power backup products. Renu sheds light on this product by informing that it’s geared to offer protection against high voltage fluctuation for home-appliances. The product was very enthusiastically received by the market when first launched, she quips further. Some of the most successful theatres of sales for this product are Punjab, Jammu and Haryana.

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Unbundling for her little bundles of joy: Renu in a moment of personal joyousness

A typical day at work for Renu begins at 9:30 in the morning and involves an upfront coordinating work with branch managers regarding sales plans for the day. The same are then taken to the Senior Executives for laying of groundwork for the smooth execution of distribution and movement of materials. Coordination with distributors follows next in the daily itinerary. Research and Development is then provided with feedback and suggestions based on the response of the market to the products being sold. Logistics is also taken on board for ensuring a successful culmination to management of the entire process.



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