Rooftop Solar Panels Generate Energy and Smiles for Gurgaon Home

As we speak, the first ever solar-powered aeroplane is on an epic journey around the world; speculations about solar power overtaking natural gas in the U.S are rife. As most countries worldwide turn to greener sources of energy for the umpteen benefits that they provide, the Indian government too has woken up to the cause and has given the field of solar energy a significant fillip with some important policies and subsidies.

Roof top solar Gurgaon

# A solar success in downtown Gurgaon

We at Su-Kam decided to go out and meet the aam aadmi who are making optimum use of the natural resources at their disposal.

Most of them use Su-kam’s solar systems to power their daily energy needs and save a lot of money in the process. In this article we will talk about a house which is completely powered by solar energy.

Like many other such localities in India, the narrow lanes of Sheetla colony in Gurgaon are amongst those subject to abject neglect by the government. This is where Mr. Nawab Khan stays with his family. With the help of our distributor Uniforce Energy Systems, he installed Su-Kam’s complete solar system a year ago at his residence.

When the door to his house opened, we were greeted by a lady who introduced herself as Mr Khan’s wife Shazeeda.

Mr Khan was at work and Mrs. Shazeeda eagerly welcomed us into her house. Upon asking, we were led to the terrace where the solar panels were installed.

# Solar Panels Configuration

There were 12 solar panels of 80 W each connected to two 150 AH Su-Kam batteries, a solar charge controller of 45 Amp and a Shark inverter of 1500 VA.

80 watts solar panels – 12 Nos – (960 watts, Nearly 1 kilowatt)

Two 150 AH Batteries

Sukam charge Controller – 45 Amp

Sukam Shark Inverter – 1500 VA (24volt system)

# Gadgets Powered by Roof top Solar Panels

We were informed that the solar panels generate enough power to run following gadgets in the unbearably hot summer months.

CFL lamps – 3

Fans – 3

Refrigerator – 160 Litre

LCD TV – 32 inch

Washing machine – 1

Cooler – 1

# Saving money while the sun shines

solar power washing machine
When they had built their 2 BHK house a year back, there was no electricity supply in the area and hence they decided to go for a solar system.

Today the couple and their three children enjoy all the benefits that electricity could provide to them.

We were informed that the solar panels generate enough power to run three CFL lamps, three fans, the refrigerator, the TV, the washing machine and even a cooler in the unbearably hot summer months.

But the best part is that they do not have to pay a single penny for their electricity bill.

As power bills shoot through the roof in the NCR, this wise family seems to have found a novel solution to reap the benefits of the sun on their rooftop through Su-Kam’s solar system.

Do share your experience with roof top solar panels!



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