Run Your House on Grid-tie Solar in Just Rs. 30,000

11265153_1003666766352444_1783029141519698520_nRecently, the chairman of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency, Mr. Sudeep Jain, decided to switch from conventional to solar energy with the help of Su-kam. A solar power panel of 4000 Watts with a 4 Kw inverter was installed in his residence in a grid-tie setup.

gridtie inverter is a power inverter that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) with an ability to synchronize to interface with a utility line, which means that you can generate your own electricity from the sun, and also take it from the state supply; and if you electricity generated by you is more than you require, it will be sent to the grid.

Sudeep Jain’s belief in renewable energy:11059914_1003672863018501_2660603362820781658_n

Mr. Jain, is a great advocate of solar energy, and in one of his interviews remarked that conservation through the use of energy-efficient equipment should be looked into seriously. Also during his tenure as the chairman and the managing director of TEDA Tamil Nadu became the undisputed leader in tapping renewable energy in the entire country.

Mr. Jain’s commitment towards solarizing Tamil Nadu can be seen through his belief that solar energy needs to be made into a people’s movement for it to succeed substantially.

Need for government buildings and residences to go solar:

11781602_1003666673019120_8422829685417328411_nTaking a cue from Mr. Jain, every bureaucrat and government official should consider going solar. Mr. Venkat, who installed the solar power panel in Mr. Jain’s house says –

“The entire set up costs around 30,000 INR and it saves a lot on the electricity bill. In Tamil Nadu, the cost is fixed at 3 rupees per unit, and through this system, you can easily save 12-15 rupees per day, depending on your consumption”.

So, not only is this technology easy on the environment but also easy on the wallet, and in a country like India, which gets ample of sunshine almost all the year round, it will work smoothly. In fact, through this technology, the electricity bills of many government offices will become non-existent, thereby saving a lot of taxpayers’ money.

The demand for solar energy is rising, says Mr. Venkat, as more and more people are taking interest in going solar in the city of Chennai. For any queries about the installation of solar power panels and solar energy itself, Mr. Venkat can be contacted through email at He can also be reached on phone at 09884434348.


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