Sandeep Chawla says that Su-Kam is the best place to test your abilities


I joined Su-Kam Power Systems Limited in Dec  2010 as an Assistant Manager- UPS Division.

Earlier I was associated with UPS division for  one year, then I got a chance to move in Solar Division. Since then I am taking care of the technical & commercial aspects of all the solar projects of the organisation. Su-Kam is my second work place organization. I have handled various projects under the able guidance and supervision of experienced seniors.One of the best part about working here is that hardwork always gets noticed and rewarded.

In Su-Kam I feel that it is the place where you don’t depend upon your seniors to prove yourself. If you have fire in yourself then nobody can stop you.

I enjoy the strong bond between team members and the support given by seniors to work with new employees in a supp ortive manner. People are genuinely interested in helping their co-workers learn, and share knowledge, which is a critical and rare benefit in a self-centered industry. I honestly cannot remember a day gone by where I did not learn something new to grow both professionally and personally.



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