Falcon Plus: India’s First Inverter That Can be Used with Small Batteries

_MG_9057Continuing to live up to its name, Su-kam has brought in a revolutionary UPS, called Falcon+ in the market. It is designed as per your individual convenience and is one standard solution to all your electricity worries. Also, it is now becoming the latest rage.

Power backup was never so easy and affordable before! With Falcon+ (pure sine wave home UPS), you can be assured of getting a good quality product that will suit your many different requirements. It’s almost like ‘you name it, and you have it’.

Why is Falcon Plus a right decision for you?

  • It can be used with any battery irrespective of its size.
  • You can personalize it according to your individual power uses.
  • It lowers your electricity bills.
  • Power cuts will no longer worry you.
  • No need to wait for the generator to start. You can solely depend on Falcon+ Plus.2015-07-26_2210

How Falcon Plus has brought revolution?

Usually, inverters can be used only with 100AH batteries. That means you need to spend more money despite lesser backup needs. Now, for the first time, Su-kam has introduced an inverter which can be used according to your personal backup needs. For instance, if you require a backup for just 5-10 minutes, then you can connect it with a small and cost-effective 18AH battery and set the switch on 2.5Amps. Also, in case you require a backup for as long as 6 hours, then use it with a 200AH battery with the switch set at 15Amps.

Why spend more when you can have your requirement is less?

Yes, Falcon+ lets you decide how much you want to spend. So, instead of spending Rs. 16000 on buying 8 separate UPS for 8 desktop computers, you can get Falcon+ along with a small battery to meet your backup needs at just Rs. 8000. This combo can then run fans, lights, etc. without any trouble.

This feature of Falcon+ can come in handy almost everywhere. Let us visualize a situation where we are sitting in a restaurant and are forced to eat in the dark. Or a shopping mall, where you are trying on a dress and the light goes out. Yes, the creases on your forehead are a natural reaction to this. But with Falcon+ these situations can be avoided. Firstly, you only need a single Falcon+, however, big or small the requirement is. Secondly, in both the situation you end up saving up to 50% on the bill.

2015-07-26_2211Generator v/s Falcon Plus

Generators can’t give an instant backup power. It takes time to start and sometimes, it can take up to 30-40 seconds. This wait can lead to big problems if you are in the middle of making a transaction, booking a ticket, or filling an important form. But with Falcon+, you will have nothing to worry about. Its switch over time is very less in comparison to the ordinary inverters and generators. This proves to be beneficial in all circumstances.

Usually shops inside shopping malls, restaurants, and houses in residential apartment complexes get power backup through generators. Now, these generators cannot provide instant backup during power cuts. To ensure instant power backup a UPS has to be used for a short period of time till the generator can finally take over. It should be noted that the batteries are costlier at times. At Su-Kam we understand this problem and have come up with a solution tailor-made for you. We have designed Falcon+ to run with batteries of all kinds and sizes so that these small little worries will no longer be a trouble for you.

Thus, Falcon+ is the popular choice for intelligent buyers. It saves money, lowers your electricity bills, and cuts down your worries.



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