How this House in Village of Gujarat is Saving Rs. 20,000 by Going Solar

Ariyana SolarModi’s Gujarat, the Jewel of the Western part of India is switching to solar at a fast pace. Recently, a family living in a village located in Olpad Tehsil of Surat district in Gujarat opted to go solar for its power needs.

Highly motivated Shreeji Power Systems, a channel partner with Su-Kam went ahead and installed an off-grid solar power system at a Bungalow in Ariyana, Surat city – Gujarat.

Ariyana Solar

Su-Kam has also bagged two more off-grid solar projects in Ariyana village.

Solar in Ariyana Village, Surat City, Gujarat

This bungalow in Ariyana village, Surat city had no grid supply and therefore, was totally dependent upon inverter during a power-cut situation. The residents of this village have either gensets or inverters installed at their residences to deal with the huge power crunch. This obviously resulted in huge electricity bills.

Ariyana Solar

However Mr. Rakesh Patel decided to take charge of the situation by bringing about a change. He contacted Mr. Bhavnish Rathore, who spearheads the solar installations at Surat to suggest a pocket-friendly solution for this problem. It was then that Mr. Rathore installed a Fusion UPS there along with solar panels, solar charge controller and tubular batteries.

Technical specification:

This entire set up although is capable of taking the power load of every appliance at the residence, yet presently it is used to power four fans, four 40Watt tube lights, one 230Ltr. Fridge, and one 42” LED TV.

Ariyana Solar

100% eco-friendly solution

Mr. Bhavnish Rathore, who heads the installation work in and around Surat is confident of a bright future for solar. The family is also satisfied with the solar installation and proud of their contribution towards saving environment. The initial cost of installation which was Rs. 1,85,000 can easily be recovered in a few years. The installation is expected to result in a saving of Rs. 1500-1800 every month i.e Rs. 20,000 per year. At present, the system is generating 8-10 units per day.

Ariyana Solar

How Going Solar can change your life?

Sukam is known for its innovative products, esp. for the wide range of solar-related products. Their products are quality-based and thus, reliable and affordable solutions to your power-worries.

Ariyana Solar

Want to go solar? Dial 9824198846 to reach Mr Bhavnish Rathore or launch a query at 1800-102-7555.

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Ariyana Solar



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