This beautiful solar installation in Agra saves Rs. 70,000

From reducing the carbon footprint to saving money and environment, solar has more benefits than you can ever think. People are also gradually understanding how solar can be the best solution for their power related worries.

Recently, Cement Associates situated in Agra decided to switch to solar pertaining to the high amounting electricity bills.


Solar at Cement Associates:

Located in Agra, Cement Associates is a supplier for building materials like cement, and cement pipes. The hefty electricity bills were being a hurdle in their overall profit making. So, finally they decided to install solar. Rishab Agarwal, who spearheads the solar installations at Agra and has been a distributor with Su-Kam Power Systems Limited for 5 years, readily installed a 6KVA solar power system at Cement Associates.


Technical specification of installation:


This installation will successfully generate approx. 9000 units in a year which means a saving of Rs. 63,000 per annum. At this rate, the initial cost of the installation which is Rs. 5 lakh can also be easily recovered within a few years.


Solar is forever:

Power generated through solar is clean, green, and reliable. The electricity from sun is maintenance free, affordable and accessible; thus, it is essential for both home and business to ensure higher savings.


Dial 07500020782 to reach Rishab Agarwal or 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today. Going solar has never been this easy and convenient.


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