See this solarized electrical shop in Trivandrum, Kerala!

Shops in particular need a constant electricity supply as no customer is likely to shop in darkness, right? Keeping up to the same idea, a showroom in Kim , Gujarat recently went solar and then an electrical workshop in Olpad city , Surat switched to solar too. Now-a-days, many more shops across India are following the suit.

Next in line is an electrical shop in Trivandrum city, Kerala.

Solar at electrical shop in Kerala:

Worried by the rising electricity bills, the electrical shop owner started searching for alternative solutions that can be relied upon. He, then came across the benefits of solar and realized that how solar energy can be used to generate 100% sustainable energy which can be enjoyed uninterruptedly for a lifetime.

It was then that this shopkeeper in Trivandrum decided to install solar to get rid of the high amounting electricity bills. Mr. Mohan Nair, who spearheads solar installation for Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. at Kollam went ahead and installed the 5 KV Solar PCU system. He has been working with Su-Kam for over 5 years now and believes that solar has the capacity to light up the remotest of the areas.


Technical specification of installation at the petrol pump:

This installation is now successfully helping the shop owner to pay a lesser amount and save huge. The initial cost of the installation was approximately Rs. 6 lakhs and can be easily recovered in about 3 years.

Mohan Nair said, “Switching to solar is the need of the hour as it not only helps to reduce the bills but also reduces the carbon footprint. This will help to save the environment and at the same time its ability to give access to electricity to the areas where grid is absent is just amazing!”

The shop is saving big with solar:

With a saving of not less than Rs. 20,000 per month, the shop owner will easily recover the installation cost in roughly three years. And after this, he can easily enjoy the green and clean electricity generation for free. Adding to more benefits is the fact that this electricity is almost maintenance free.

Going solar will thus reduce the power-related worries and also it is an eco-friendly solution.

Going solar is now just a phone call away. Dial 9946355540 to reach Mr. Mohan Nair 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today.


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