Self-taught Entrepreneur Tells What’s Wrong with Indian MBAs

Recently Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva was invited at a business school to deliver a talk about entrepreneurship to MBA students. There, one student asked him about his take on MBA and he gave some really wonderful insights.

Education gives you a direction but the application of that knowledge is what decides your future. If you will keep comparing yourself with others, or thinking about how much the others are earning, what salary are they getting, your self-analysis will take a back seat. However instead of always thinking about them if you will compare your own progress, your learning will be maximum.

Kunwer Sachdev - Founder and MD of Su-Kam

An MBA degree cannot assure you a job of your satisfaction but your outlook towards life would. Kunwer Sachdeva rightly points out that this problem is largely seen in Indians. We are more interested in knowing what the other has done instead of improving ourselves. The problem starts when our priorities are wrong and our focus is hazy. We must understand to keep our success as the priority and work towards achieving that by channelizing all our focus on our goals rather than keeping others in our purview.

Kunwer Sachdeva believes that we spend most of our time in thinking about the salary, this deviates us from our path. We go off-track but the moment we stop thinking about the salary and start focusing on other important aspects, a visible difference will take place. The time that is wasted in thinking about salary can be utilized in learning and expanding our horizons.

Our thoughts play a major role in deciding our fate. We must understand the value of our thoughts. However, MBA doesn’t teach that. Our focus should be on the work and you will start getting success. Your personality doesn’t become your identity, your work does.

In India, MBA colleges teach through textbooks. However, education is not limited to these books, it is way beyond. You have to apply the knowledge, get the taste of the field, interact with people, and be open to learning new things. You can’t be a recluse else you won’t be able to catch up with the new ideas. Ask questions.

MBAs can make a good presentation but when it comes to communicating their ideas, they often fail. This happens because of lack of market knowledge. Understand ground realities, do away with ego and try to mingle with people.


Kunwer Sachdeva comes for an ordinary middle-class family background. He began his entrepreneurial journey by selling pens on a cycle and in buses. Later he founded a cable TV company, Su-Kam Communications which was quite profitable and he had a team of 50 people. A few years later when his home inverter broke down he got so frustrated that he decided to open it apart and found faulty equipment. He then decided to start manufacturing inverters but the name, Su-Kam, remained.

Su-Kam is now of the biggest power solutions company in the world. It has presence in 90 countries and manufactures more than 170 power backup products. It also has the biggest market share in Indian residential solar market.



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