Everyone recommends Su-Kam!

Products and brands are sold through heavy advertising and the tall claims that are made in advertisements. But the true power of a brand is seen when actual people become the brand’s most potent propagators. And that is the success & confidence Su-Kam enjoys. Scores of loyal customers have, over time, become its best advertisers!

Govind Soni from Pilani came to be a Su-Kam customer, thanks to a user’s recommendation. He says, “My relatives and elder son recommended Su-Kam. And ever since, I have no complaints. Lagatar thik chal raha hai. It’s portable, light in weight, and very good.” Mandeep Singh from Gurgaon is also a beneficiary of a personal suggestion. “Su-Kam was recommended by my friends and relatives. The service is very good. Sales team is proactive, the Su-Kam technicians come to the house and give me excellent service.” And it’s not just friends & relatives. Even dealer networks, despite being multiple brand dealers, push Su-Kam for its superior products. Atul Goyal from Hissar says, “Our dealer recommended us to buy Su-Kam because overall the product and service is good.”

Vaibhav Purohit from Jodhpur couldn’t be happier for being recommended Su-Kam. “Service bhi achcha hai aur product bhi achcha hai. Achcha chal raha hai.” For Ardhendu Ghosh of Asansol, not one, but many people urged him to consider Su-Kam. “My friend and many other people recommended Su-Kam. And I am happy to share that the service is good and and the product is good.” Kumar N from Chennai is also part of the word-of-mouth goodwill of Su-Kam. “I got its reference from people and referred their website to get an idea. No problem till now. It’s easy to use, good cost-management, has wide range of products, good customer service and overall, it’s a nice product.”

There is a pride and ownership towards the brand, that has been developed after years of great service. Even among families, Su-Kam is wholeheartedly recommended. Prasanta Padhy from Orissa has his story to share; “My sister recommended this product. Product and service is overall good.” Likewise, friends also make a strong case for Su-Kam’s adoption. Sanjay Barthwal from Gurgaon says, “Since the brand is good, friends recommended me to buy it. No problem till now, truly satisfied with the product.” Like him, MN Vijayan from Kerala shares, “I was advised by my friend to buy a product by Su-Kam and I am completely satisfied.”

Su-Kam products are now part of the nation’s collective consciousness. And it is plain to see when people like Sudipta Mahato from Kolkata have this to say, “My neighbour recommended I buy Su-Kam and abhi tak bilkul thik chal raha hai. This product has good performance. Friends, relatives, dealers, and the market buzz; all point to Su-Kam. “My friends and relatives suggested Su-Kam to me. After using it, I can say that it is quick charging, has good backup and the customer service is also good.”

After all, these are the real reasons why everyone recommends Su-Kam!




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