Customer Care lies at the very heart of any power back-up business. Technological competency and innovative flair of a company can only make an impact if suitably ‘backed-up’, no pun intended, by a robust customer service mechanism. Poonam Upreti has been working in the service department of Su-Kam Power Systems Limited since 2007 and has been handling the intricacies of Customer Relations. Her job revolves around ensuring that the vast cliental of the Company has a hassle-free experience with the Su-Kam products they use.

su kam“Power-puff girl” Poonam in the Su-Kam premises

After successfully pursuing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Delhi, Poonam joined Su-Kam Power Systems Limited in 2007 in its call-centre division as an in-bound customer care executive. At that time the call centre was newly-opened and offered ample scope to its employees to innovate and improvise. Poonam’s very first job in her career involved taking calls from the Company’s customers and ensuring resolution to their after purchase requirements. She gained on-the-job experience in her field of work and worked her way up to the Service Department in 2010. In the meanwhile she pursued a course in Customer Relations Management from NIIT and added this feather to her cap in 2012. Poonam believes that attending to a diverse bouquet of calls as a call centre executive for three years endowed her with perspective about the requirements of customer service in the power back-up industry. Every customer has unique requirements from customer care which can’t be painted in monotonous hues. Customer service professionals, feels Poonam, should be prepared to think out of the box to render satisfactory service to the Company’s cliental.

Poonam feels that the constant appraisals conducted by the company went a long way in keeping its employees on their toes. An environment of healthy competition on the floor also acted as a catalyst to inspire them to seek constant self-betterment at work.

su kam 1

“Blue resilience” Poonam in a “bring-it-on” mood.

In the Service department of the Company Poonam initially cut her teeth as a co-ordinator. Later she was promoted as a CRM executive. Here the training she underwent in the CRM software held her in good stead. Her scope of work constitutes of a wide net of country-wide responsibilities in Customer Service. The USP of her profile is to serve the most demanding of customers with a smile and to never give up on them no matter how trivial or formidable their queries. Poonam contends that working with customers of the Company has taught her both patience and humility. Patience comes from abiding with most incisive customers and humility is gained by realising that how vital a service you provide to the comfort and welfare of the customer and, more importantly, her family. Poonam is full of stories of grateful customers thanking her for quick resolution of queries. In one poignant instance a mother told her that her child would sleep peacefully only because of a quick resolution to her UPS problems by the Su-Kam Customer Service department.

su kam 2“Casting a lengthy shadow” Outside the Su-Kam building in Gurgaon.

Nevertheless, positive feedback laced with a layer of sweet customer-contentment is only one side of the coin. The other side is the constant barrage of challenges that are part of any Customer Service professional’s work-basket. Customer Relations Management is invariably a leaning tower heavily skewed in favour of the customers. The lesser CRM professional may consider this a detriment. But Poonam believes that such a seemingly overcast sky cast offers endless silver-linings of opportunities for the development of skills unique to the challenging but rewards-laden domain of Customer Service.

On the personal front, Poonam is a movies-buff and shares every girl’s passion for shopping. She also loves keeping abreast with current affairs of national and international importance and is voracious reader. Her only fear is to rest on past laurels and unwittingly abandon the pursuit of perfection in her field of work.



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