Shabbar got an opportunity to choose the area of work of his choice, for which he thanks Su-Kam!


I started my career with an MNC as I heard a lot in college that working in MNC's will be great in terms of culture, environment, exposures, learning etc. I joined Su-kam in June 2011. Prior to that I had worked with Panasonic & Bharti Walmart. When I declared to my close ones that I am going to join Su-Kam and leave Walmart everyone was shocked and all of them suggested me against it. But I wanted to give it a shot and not be persuaded against joining Su-Kam. Today I am thankful for it as I realize this is the best decision of my life.

Su-kam is the best in terms of employee engagement programs, its culture and environment are its strongest strengths which keep employees motivated. What I like best here is every individual has ample opportunity to work on his own. I started my career as an AM - Pricing strategies and worked for
1.5 years. During this period I discovered a hidden sales talent in myself and wanted to give a try in sales.
 I walked into my boss's cabin and said that I wanted to work in sales and he provided me with an opportunity in Sales. Within 2 months I was designated as Solar - BDM in MP/CG and I got complete training of solar technology and today I am very confident in my new field. I have been able to achieving  my targets. I feel great to work with  a company where every individual has a right to speak and present their ideas.More importantly, each individual gets an opportunity to work where he is most efficient.



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