Shivani Kashyap rejoined Su-Kam and says that it’s great to be back in an organization where people are valued!


Re – Joining Su-Kam family in the year 2013 has been one of the best decisions of my life! Earlier I had worked for 4 years that is from 2007-2011 and now I am about to complete three months and can honestly say I have really enjoyed every minute of it. 

 When, as a new employee, I participated in the first family day celebrations held in 2008, I was surprised to see how the employees were so keen to participating and contributing with such respect and passion. My experience says that Su-kam believes “Employees Are Our Greatest Strength.”  Today, after rejoining   I have understood what makes Su-kam so special and the importance of the “Su-kam Identity” in my every-days’ activity.

 At Su-kam, you are not just a number, you are a name. It is recognized that everyone can make a difference and impact. When you work for Su-kam, you work for, and with, the best of the best in the industry. Corporate, service and branch office employees work so closely together that even the MD of the company knows each employees’ name. This really makes coming to work easy when I know I can reach out to anyone and get an answer and support. Su-kam is a fun place to work. Along with the regular work schedule, there are many activities for everyone’s interest. The best thing that Su-kam taught me is to have the right attitude and to work as a team.

 Thanks to Su-kam for believing in me and my potential and I look forward to many years at Su-kam.



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